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Top Crypto Faucet List

Use our crypto faucet list to quickly earn cryprocurrency.

Top Recommanded PTC Faucet
Faucet Name Timer Referral Payment Method Visit
CointiplyBTC BTC 50%Faucethub, DirectClaim
SkyfaucetBTC Multicoin 20%FaucethubClaim
CointalkBTC BTC 45%Faucethub, DirectClaim
BithuntBTC BTC 10%Faucethub, DirectClaim
freebccBTC Multicoin 10%FaucethubClaim
FaucethutBTC BTC 20%FaucethubClaim
FirefaucetBTC Multicoin 20%FaucethubClaim
SatoshilabsBTC BTC 20%FaucethubClaim
WowfaucetBTC Multicoin 15%FaucethubClaim
AllcoinsBTC Multicoin 25%Faucethub, DirectClaim
ClixcoBTC BTC 50%Faucethub, DirectClaim
AdbtcBTC BTC 10%Faucethub, DirectClaim
DogeadsBTC DOGE 15%Faucethub, DirectClaim
Top Recommanded Faucethub Faucet
Faucet Name Coin Timer Referral Payment Method Visit
FautsyBTC BTC 5 Minutes 20%FaucethubClaim
ClaimfreecoinsBTC BTC 5 Minutes 50%FaucethubClaim
Speedup-faucetBTC Multicoin 10 Minutes 20%FaucethubClaim
Bitco.worldBTC BTC 2 Minutes 50%FaucethubClaim
ClaimbtcBTC BTC 0 Minutes 25%FaucethubClaim
CoinVilleBTC BTC 0 Minutes 10%FaucethubClaim
SatoHostBTC BTC 1 Minutes 20%FaucethubClaim
One Way FaucetBTC BTC 5 Minutes 50%FaucethubClaim
BitcoBTC BTC 10 Minutes 30%FaucethubClaim
Fire Faucet : The Best Auto Faucet
Top Recommanded Coinpot Faucet
Faucet Name Coin Timer Referral Payment Method Visit
BitfunBTC BTC  5 Minutes 50%CoinpotClaim
BonusbitcoinBTC BTC 15 Minutes 50%CoinpotClaim
MoonbitcoinBTC BTC  5 Minutes 50%CoinpotClaim
MoonbitcoincashBTC BCH  5 Minutes 25%CoinpotClaim
MoondashBTC DASH  5 Minutes 25%CoinpotClaim
MoondogecoinBTC DOGE  5 Minutes 25%CoinpotClaim
MoonlitecoinBTC LTC  5 Minutes 25%CoinpotClaim